Friday, June 29, 2012

Growling when take foot off accelerator?

Inspect the pinion bearing.
Same growling noise on deceleration and it was the pinion bearing.

IT sounds like a pinion problem that you're feeling when you are on the 'coast' side of the gears.
I suggest inspecting the pinion gear.For this ............

Try this Procedure:--------
Set the e-brake, block the wheels and put the trans in neutral (engine off).
Now very carefully Crawl underneath and see how much rotational slop there is in the pinion gear when you try to rotate the driveshaft back and forth. Then give it a good tug and see if there is any slop 'in and out' as well , toward the front and then toward the back. If you are getting ANY in and out slop or more than a slight rotation of the driveshaft, get the pinion gear and pinion bearing inspected. The longer it is running like this the more chance you have of damaging the pinion and ring gears. If the pinion nut gets loose the pinion can actually move in and out and change the gear match pattern on the ring gear which is NOT a good thing.

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