Saturday, June 16, 2012

2001 Chevrolet Tracker: Headlights and Dash lights Pulsating?

The control panel lights and electric system lights all getting dim and suddenly get bright.
Mostly in such cases when the lights are pulsating, its a indication that there is a problem in the charging system. Commonly, the Voltage Regulator. On this vehicle, 2001 Chevy the regualtor is internal of the Alternator, and it can be  repalced as complete alternator assembly.
To confirm the problem get the testing volt meter.
With the engine running, take a reading at the battery terminals. If the voltage is not between 13.4-14.2v or is fluctuating in and out of this area, the Alternator will need to be replaced. If you do not have access to a voltage meter, most local "big chain" parts stores, like AutoZone, will test the Alternator/Voltage Regualtor for Free right in their parking lot.

This will confirm the problem.So you can replace the right part.

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