Sunday, June 24, 2012

BMW 530i: Broken Coil Springs

The Issue:-- 2004 BMW 530i Front Coil Spring Broken.
Cost and Labor to replace Coil springs.Also what other parts need to replace and is there any alignment required.

I will say inspect the Strut too for the side on which coil spring is broken.

My indication is the strut on side with busted spring is probably bad as well. Its not required to replace both sides at same time, because they have same wear and tear on them it is a good idea.But please get both coil springs and struts inspects.Which ever is broken has to be replaced.

To replace sping and/or strut on one side is 2 hrs - about $160-$280 with avg hourly labor rates at or above $100 per hour.

Springs are $150 each and struts are $350 each.

So, one side is near to $550 in parts and  $160-$280  in labor, total $750

To do both sides, $1400 to $1500.
Please note the labor cost vary from shop to shop.
Also parts cost vary,if you go for low quality aftermarket parts.But i suggest use high quality branded parts.
Because they last long and give good results performance wise and also fit properly.
And yes, it will need an alignment afterwards, usually around $90.

This details will help.

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