Thursday, June 21, 2012

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Faulty Power Window Switch?

Left Rear Power window not operating.All other windows work fine.

It can be issue with Power window motor or Switch.
There is a master switch on driver side which controls all the power window.If all other power windows operate fine,then master switch is fine.There is one switch to operate left rear power window on the left rear door panel.That switch has to be checked.
There are two wires Dark green and grey wires.There should be power at this should see +12V power on both Dark Green and Grey wires at the LR window switch connector when the master switch is not pressed. If you do not have power on the Dark Green wire, then you next step is to check the Dark Green wire for continuity between the LR window switch connector and the Driver door module/switch.
You should be aware that this wire changes color from Dark Green to Red/White at the driver door switch.

If the Switch checks out ok,then other possibility is weak power window motor/regulator.Try connecting another power window motor to this window and see if all works good.If yes then replace the motor.

The problem is faulty motor,faulty switch or it can be loose or shorted wires.

This details will help.

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