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NO voltage on Trailer Sockets?

VEHICLE: 2008 Volkswagen Passat Estate.
Engine Model: 2.0 TDI 140.

PROBLEM: No voltage on Trailer wiring sockets on rear side of car.Its a 7 Pin socket trailer.


Noticed such cases at out garage few times.
On one of such case the customer noticed the problem after his tow bar electric installed in the vehicle.
On that same case the problem was blown out  fuse for the smart relay, which is on a flying lead.

Yes its possible,that in your case the fuse must not be the same but it indicates problem with fuses.
Any of the fuse or fuses are blown out and causing this issue.

Inspect the fuses.
Below are the details for the fuse box located on your car model.

There are multiple fuses depending on your fuse box , which is depending on your level of spec on car, so you will have to check all possible areas.

Fuse box number 1 passenger side under bonnet:

  • Check / inspect the fusible links .Locate Fusible links on passenger side under bonnet next to battery .The numbers SA 4 , SA 5 start from left hand side front of fuse box and count along until you come to fusible links 4 and 5, next SB3,4,30,49, SB3= 25A, SB4=25A, SB30= 50A, SB49= 50A, same fuse box as before.

Also  look at fuses on top in same fuse box, you will see No of fuses beside fuse usually starting with an F.

Fuse box number 2 side of dash panel( driver side)

  • For this fuse box  you will have to remove cover on side of dash panel, again fuses are No on plastic part of fuse box, SC6= 5A, SC28= 20A, SC38 = 15A.
Check the fuses in the fuse box.

Fuse box number 3 located in boot area on left hand side behind trim panel.

  • In these fuse box check fuses SF1 = 30A, start from left hand side and SF1 is 1st fuse.
Properly check each and every fuse and fusible links in the fuse box.Yes its time consuming to inspect each and every fuse,but that's the only procedure to confirm.
The problem is most probably the fuse and next possibility is wiring,but that's rare.

These details will help.

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Immobilizer Bypass

VEHICLE: Volkswagen Golf 2000 year model.

PROBLEM: Lost both the keys.And now no way to start the vehicle without new key.

QUESTIONS: Can i by-pass the immobilizer to make the car start with normal key.


The immobilizer cannot be bypassed on your vehicle.Its not possible.The immobiliser is part of the instrument cluster.
to make the car start and the run the immobiliser has to pair up with the info in the engine control module, by matching Vin Number and immobilizer Number together.the details for both these numbers gets matched then  only Engine control module (ECU) will allow the car to start.

Go to nearest VW dealer and get the key made for you.

But if there is no VW dealer in your area,then the problem starts.The procedure to get the Key becomes lengthier.
in that case Ring your nearest VW dealer to see if they could send you a new key to the Vin of the car and the Key No of the car.
Yes its possible .They will ask you to provide the PR No's of the car, this is the build info on the car, this all depends on how helpful they are and also weather they would be willing to send it overseas, as this has to be done if there is no VW dealer in your area.

In your case the car will not start until its new key is coded to the car, some local lock smiths have the equippment to code keys to cars now, and also some mobile diagnostic technician have the software on there diagnostic machines to code keys to the car.

The spare key can be accessed by lock smith or VW dealer ,also now-a-days spare key can be bough on ebay.
Once you get the key,get the key coded by the vw dealer,locksmith or by mobile diag techs.The software is necessary to get the key coded.The lock smith or mobile tech should have the key coding software.If they have then it can be done.

These details will help.

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Rear Door will not open

VEHICLE: Volkswagen Passat 2008 Year model.


  • Rear door will not open from outside.
  • Also If its faulty part,then what needs to be replaced and how?


First of all there are no adjustments on the rear door handle that can be done.

Its working is simple, the handle hooks into the door plate.
The door Plate sits behind the rear door skin.
Now when you pull the lever it pulls on a hinged plate that pulls a cable.
The cable is attached to the door latch to release the door
First part to be checked is that the handle is fully sitting/fitted into the hinged bracket, 
See the help diagram shown below:----
vw rear door handel

Now if this is ok then the problem is either with the door latch or the cable.
Either the cable is broken or the door latch is worn out/cracked or broken.

See the help diagram shown below:---
vw rear door latch

Also see complete door assembly part showing door latch and cable.

vw rear door cable


As per our garage repair experience.What we most notice on such problem is the door handle is not fully located into the hinged bracket to operate the door latch cable correctly.
If that is the same issue in your case too then to correct the issue you need to remove the door barrel to fit this handle.
Please note that  when loosing the torx screw to remove door handle , ensure the door handle is pulled out so it sets the hinged bracket in the correct position for you to remove and refit the handle, correctly.
If not done this way then you will miss the location point of the handle to hinged bracket behind the door skin and re-installing the parts will become confusion and more difficult.

These details will help.

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Cigarette lighter, Remote central locking, and Radio stopped working

VEHICLE:    Volkswagen Polo 1998 year model.

PROBLEM:  Cigarette lighter, Remote central locking, and Radio stopped working.


As all the three electrical operating functions are stopped working together.
The first and the most common thing to be inspected is fuse.
The fuse is shorted in your case.

There are two fuses that you need to check and inspect.
Locate the fuse board on the inside of the car, in drivers footwell .There are in all 22 fuses located there.

The fuse number 22 is the radio/cigar fuse.Its a 10A fuse.
And fuse number 21 is the central locking 15A fuse.
Also check  if you have voltage present at the fuse on both sides of the fuse.
The voltage for these fuses comes from and internal source inside the fuse board.
If you have no voltage,then provide voltage to these fuse number 22 and 21 externally or bridging wire just to confirm that when voltage is present then everything starts working.
If this is the case then you need to check that not operating  large power cables coming into fuse board have come loose, if they are ok then i would asume that there is an internal fault within the fuse borad, restricting the voltage to the relevant fuses.

These details will help.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

White smoke and Acrid smell

2007 Volkswagen touran 1.9L Engine.


1.Noticed White Smoke while starting the Vehicle.
Smoke was noticed coming from the Front Grill.

2.And Acrid Smell Noticed just above the radiator on the right facing front of the car under the hood.

Both issues are described below:---

These is common issue noticed by others too.Its Coolant related.

Carefully see the area from where the smoke is getting out.The smoke is coming from the auxiliary heater.
Why these smoke is noticed because,when they fire up they will produce excessive white smoke.
Also  if the fuel level is low which can cause an air lock as they use diesel to heat up the coolant to aid the warm up process and also to supply warm air into the heaters when the car is cold, this smoke will happen more so when the car is cold.

There are n-number of users noticing these same exact problem  there are series of technical bulletins referring  this smoke issue that all VW dealers are aware of.
For your information and help:-
The auxiliary heater is situated behind the front bumper, as stated above having a low fuel level can cause this situation.
In these case you have to take the car to  VW dealer for them to prime the air out of the heater lines if this fault persist.

Helpful suggestion:-- I  advise dont let fuel tank drop below quarter of a tank,  anything below can cause this problem again.
Also i   advise you get the technical bulletins check against your car as there is 5/6 issues that need to be checked and modified to combat this issue.
Your nearest VW dealer should provide you details regarding all service bulletin related to your car.


It can be oil leak issue or fuel leak causing these smell.
Also the Above problem of white smoke can be related to these Acrid smell.
But the smell differs a bit when there is a white smoke.

On some cases the white smoke issue was related to sticking clutch.The clutch burning causes white smoke and also these foul smell may be acrid smell.Get the clutch tested when the problem is noticed.On some cases these are sudden problems,which does not occur continuously but remains for some time then disappears and occurs again suddenly.If all is working fine then no need of testing at that present time of the technician testing the clutch it may not have been sticking, so when he carries out his test, all will be ok, there is always a possibility that the clutch plate and pressure plate were sticking, which when they do so will cause the clutch to slip rapidly, and in turn you will get a foul smell, which can be as a foul eggy smell, which lingers around for a long time, the smell you get  from the auxiliary heater is also a foul smell but there is a lingering diesel/coolant smell within the clouds of smoke.
The auxiliary heater issue is a well known problem within the VW dealers, i have seen the clutch plates stick as-well and these are prone to flywheel issues which can cause clutch problems, if it has not done it since.Then  i recommend you to monitor the car operation over next few weeks usually if the clutch is going to stick it will do it again and again.

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Pin that holds the flick key part to the key fob?

The Pin is missing.
Its the Pin that holds the wriststrap to the watch.

A very little metal bar that connects the bluemotion remote inside key to the metal keyring loop.

Common issues.
There are two parts that many a times cause problems.
I will describe both.


  • First of all you can't buy that bar .It is part of the key remote, it quite a common issue them breaking off.
  • Best repair option is ......... some people glue them back on, but to carry out a proper repair you will need to replace the key fob remote, that you use to lock and unlock the car, this remote will also need to be coded back into the car if replaced with a new remote.

Other part is u-shaped metal section that clips onto the key-ring.Its the spring loaded bar that goes through the black key and clips into two recessed holes.On some cases this part goes missing..

  • You cant buy that pin any where as it comes as part of the new key.
  • Best option to be tried .............look for a cheap key on Ebay .You will get if you search there are many available .Just get one and then tap this pin out with a very thin punch and refit in your key, VW or any other parts supplier don't sell this separately.
These details will help.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Battery Light and ABS Light on Dash

Both Battery And ABS Warning Light ON dashboard panel.

In most of such cases i have seen,the ABS light comes on because battery warning light is ON.

But if only ABS light is on then its case of codes stored in ABS module.It has to be scanned to retrieve error codes.

But in these case too both lights are ON.So i suggest first get the battery light issue solved and see,if ABS lights gets OFF,then no worry.But if ABS light is ON,then get the module scanned and retrieve error codes and codes will tell what further part inspection is required.

The Charging system “Battery” Warning light indicates problems with the charging system.This can be due to  voltage too high/low, generator failure, etc.
Mostly these light will not come on,if minor voltage low issue is there,but if an extreme condition is indicated, the lamp will be illuminated. Most commonly, this light will turn on when the alternator/generator stops functioning. As per my experience in your case the Alternator is the issue.Its not performing as it should.


There are few regular reasons for the alternator to stop working.
It  includes

  •  A loose missing drive belt, and internal alternator failure.
  • Wiring issues and potentially a failure of the voltage regulation circuit in the PCM.

More often than not, this is simply an indication of a failed alternator, so the first step is to have the alternator tested to see if it is still capable of functioning. Sometimes getting the Alternator termionals cleaned and reconnecting and same cleaning with battery terminals helps to resolve the issue.But if this procedure is not helping then  alternator  needs replacing.

Seen many times when the alternator stops working, the battery voltage will start dropping and this can cause many other symptoms to develop, such as the abs light etc, so there is a good chance that the abs issue is related to this battery light.

These details will help.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012


1990 Audi V8 Transmission Fluid related Issues.


All basic issues are answered below.

It takes Approx 4 Quarts of  Transmission fluid.

The Audi trans fluid is full synthetic.
The additives in the synthetic fluid are necessary for correct power application and lubrication in the trans.

The trans needs fully synthetic ATF like Mobil 1 synthetic ATF or Wolf's Head brand full synthetic ATF.

The car does come with dipstick,but You can buy a service dipstick from the Audi dealer.They will provide you the dipstick to test the fluid level.

Please avoid using incorrect oil.First always confirm the oil/fluid you are using with the parts store.But if in case the wrong fluid is already been used then don't drive with the wrong fluid filled.It will damage the transmission and its assembly gears.

Jut get the fluid drained out.There is a drain plug from where wrong fluid can be drained. If the trans pan had a drain you can drain it the dump in 4 quarts of trans oil.
Pulling the trans pan off to drain it is difficult.But on some transmission pan there is no drain plug.Its only one plug that is fill plug. And if in your case there is no drain plug.

The only other option is to go to a mechanic that has an oil evacuation machine, This is a tool that goes down the fill pipe and sucks the oil out.So it will completely suck-up old fluid out and once its empty add 4 quarts of trans oil.

These details will help.

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2010 Dodge Dakota Oil change Indicator Reset Procedure

If the oil is already changed and you have driven few miles say 100 or more and still the oil change indicator lights is not turning off then try this reset procedure.

The Procedure stated/mentioned in the Service manual.

To reset the oil change indicator system (after performing the scheduled maintenance) perform the following procedure:

1. Turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position.
NOTE: Do not start the engine.Just turn the ignition to ON.

2. Then Fully-press the accelerator-pedal slowly three times in 10 seconds.

3. After that turn the ignition switch to the “LOCK” position.

These will reset the oil change indicator light.

But if the indicator message illuminates when you start the vehicle, the oil change indicator system did not reset. If necessary, repeat this procedure.In some rare cases the procedure worked second or third time.

Its a simple procedure and following it correctly should definitely help,if the oil is recently changed.Don't try this procedure if the oil is not changed.

This details will help.

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Brake Fade Issue?

Brake going towards floor and not returning back to its actual position.

In this problem first check brake fluid is it low or is it leaking.Get the vacuum test done.If there is vacuum lean on brake line then it has to be solved.
Also inspect brake pads and rotors.

Dont forget to bleed the system.
Then check.


Mechanics call this condition as "BRAKE FADE".
In brake fade problem you will notice no brake fluid leak.
It will not be caused by a fluid leak because it would be present at all times and your brake fluid would leak out completely in 1 or two days.

The only possible causes are deflection or a bypassing master cylinder.

Deflection occurs when the car has a loose wheel bearing or a back caliper bracket. The excessive movement of the rotor or caliper makes for extended brake pedal travel. This condition usually presents itself frequently.

Bypassing master cylinder is when the fluid moves from one side of the master cylinder to the other internally instead of going to the wheels. This is a common problem for cars that sit LONG FOR MONTHS WITHOUT DRIVING.And due to this the piston seals in the master cylinder become deformed from lack of use.

I recommend getting the  master cylinder replaced.
As all the other basics are checked ok,then replacing master cylinder is necessary.

These details will help.

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Chevy Nova Seat belt Interlock Override

Where is Seat belt interlock override button located.

1974 Chevy nova has starting issue, no power to the trigger wire on the starter.

For seat belt override switch location,Above the master cylinder on the firewall their is a push button switch. It says start on it.

The part is called a seatbelt interlock override. Congress enacted and repealed the law in 1974 making seatbelt interlocks obsolete.

If this part goes faulty,then there is no replacement available,but you will have to get same switch installed from another Chevy nova.

In 1974 we used to unplug the connector under the drivers seat to disable these seatbelt controls.

Sometime on ebay you can purchase these switch parts.But its rare to obtain these part quickly.

See below its exact image,that will help you too:----

chevy nova switch

And for no power to the trigger wire on the starter
Remove the ignition switch and see do you get power now,If yes then its issue with interlock switch.

More than just the interlock override. there is a logic module and a ton of switches and wiring. You had to sit in the drivers seat with nothing resting on the others seats, all doors shut and drivers seatbelt buckled, then start the car.

Even when these cars were new they would not start.

To bypass these switches try this :-------

Unplug the seat sensor under the drivers seat and it should start if the seat belt is left buckled. Look for wires under the seat.

You could go from the ignition switch purple to the override purple, as a fast bypass if the unplugging does not work.

The purple wire on the override relay goes to the starter.

This details will help.

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1996 Pontiac Grand AM: Low A/c Service valve?

Low A/c pressure port.These is the port from where A/c refrigerant has to be charged.

The low side service port is located near the back of the A/C compressor.
For its easy access follow the larger line away from the compressor and it is about 4 inches down the pipe.
You have to reach down between the high pressure hose and the intake to feel it. It had a blue cap on it from the factory.

See below the  picture of the a new A/C hose is marked with a blue arrow where the port is.

Pontiac A/c service valve

These details will help.

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Cruise Control stops working,Excessive cranks to start the engine and RPM goes max 2500

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser With Error codes P0325, P0340, P0032

Multiple issues noticed on Chrysler PT cruiser

  • Cruise control Light goes out on dash.
  • Hard to start,Excessive cranks to start the engine.
  • And RPM will not go more then 2500.
How To start Troubleshooting This Problem?

As per the OBD error codes retrieved,the problem is related to this codes.

The Error codes are indicating few parts.Getting these parts checked will help to solve the problem.

On most cases you get P0325 and P0340 together or only P0340.
Error code P0325 is indicating problem with knock sensor. This could be the knock sensor or it's wiring problem.But on some cases error code P0-325 just comes up because  P0340. 
Normally to clear error code you have to replace the knock sensor. 
But I suggest first get the error code P0340 fixed  and see if that takes care of error code P0325. I've seen these two codes set together in the past when there hasn't been an actual knock sensor problem.

The Error Code P0340 is  related to the problem which you described for your vehicle.
These error code sets when there is no cam sensor signal at the engine controller. 
The problem like excessive/multiple  cranking to start/hard starting, cruise control  stops working and 2,500 RPM rev limiter are because of the missing cam sensor signal. 
The PCM is not getting signal from cam sensor.
When the PCM doesn't see a signal from the cam sensor it will still allow the engine to start, where other vehicles didn't in the past. It will impose a 2,500 RPM rev limiter since it has no way of actually knowing if the engine is in time or not. There are many fault codes that will disable cruise control and P0340 is one of them. Without a cam sensor signal and having a 2,500 RPM rev limiter there is no way cruise could function properly so it's disabled altogether.Actually cruise is not turning off,its getting disabled because there is no Cam sensor signal received by PCM.

It can be caused by faulty Cam sensor itself  or it's wiring, but is almost always caused by the sensor. 


The cam sensor mounts to the left end of the cylinder head and runs off a magnet on the end of the intake cam. Cam sensor failures on this engine are pretty common.
First start with inspecting wiring and connection of the sensor.If all loos good ,clean and intact then I would recommend replacing the sensor.If possible use branded part like a Mopar part and it will almost surely take care of the problem.Aftermarket parts sometimes don't give accurate results and same problem is remains.

The Error Code P0032 indicates problem with upstream oxygen sensor's internal heater. This can be either the sensor or it's wiring, almost always this is a failure of the sensor. 

Upstream oxygen sensor is threaded into the top of the exhaust manifold. If the wiring looks visibly ok then go ahead and replace the sensor with a Mopar part or any other branded company parts.

Replace cam sensor and upstream oxygen sensor and these solved the problem.

These details will help anyone else noticing the same kind of problem.

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Dodge Trailer Park Lights not working?


2003 Dodge ram 2500 cab with 5.9L Diesel engine.

The Park light for dodge truck is working fine but trailer park lights not working.Trailer is factory wired.


Start with fuse,first check the fuse controlling trailer park lights.Its a 20amp fuse.
If fuse is shorted,then replace the blown fuse and it will work.
But if fuse is checked ok,then inspect the trailer plug connector.If all other brake lights and tail lights working for trailer and only park light is not working then trailer plug must be fine.But still remove and clean the trailer connector.
Also test the park lights terminals on fuse to see if has any voltage.


It has to be done with volt meter.
You can also use test light.
NOW with that,
Ground the alligator clip of the test lamp or the black voltmeter lead, whichever you're using. If you're using a meter set it to 20v DC.
After that,
Turn the park lamps ON and use the red test lead or the test light probe and touch each of the two small open terminals on top the fuse. See if the voltage is there on one, two, or no terminals have voltage.

IF you get voltage on both terminals then continue further troubleshooting as mentioned below.

Go underneath the vehicle.You will see two electrical connectors.One is 14 way connector and other is 8-way connector. There just behind the left front wheel, behind the wheel well liner.Yow will see the  large rectangular connector. You have to view 8-way connector.There you locate black/orange wire. On the back side of the connector toward the rear of the truck, pierce the wire's insulation and see if there is power there with the park lamps on. 
Either the wire is bent or its got loose or dirty.Properly inspect the black/orange wire.

After testing is done seal the hole up with silicone,electrical tape, etc.


Orange/black wire was loose and reconnecting it solved the problem.The trailer park lights are now powering up.

This details will help.

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