Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cigarette lighter, Remote central locking, and Radio stopped working

VEHICLE:    Volkswagen Polo 1998 year model.

PROBLEM:  Cigarette lighter, Remote central locking, and Radio stopped working.


As all the three electrical operating functions are stopped working together.
The first and the most common thing to be inspected is fuse.
The fuse is shorted in your case.

There are two fuses that you need to check and inspect.
Locate the fuse board on the inside of the car, in drivers footwell .There are in all 22 fuses located there.

The fuse number 22 is the radio/cigar fuse.Its a 10A fuse.
And fuse number 21 is the central locking 15A fuse.
Also check  if you have voltage present at the fuse on both sides of the fuse.
The voltage for these fuses comes from and internal source inside the fuse board.
If you have no voltage,then provide voltage to these fuse number 22 and 21 externally or bridging wire just to confirm that when voltage is present then everything starts working.
If this is the case then you need to check that not operating  large power cables coming into fuse board have come loose, if they are ok then i would asume that there is an internal fault within the fuse borad, restricting the voltage to the relevant fuses.

These details will help.

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