Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2012 Dodge Ram: Ignition Key will not release?

Ignition key not getting released.Its stuck up in the key module.Tried straightening the steering wheel and jerking the car but the key will not get released.


The key will not get released till the vehicle gets into park mode.

Not being able to remove the key is most likely a bad wireless ignition node (WIN). The WIN is the module in the dash were you insert the key. The WIN monitors the position of the shifter and will only allow the key to be removed in park.
 If the shifter display does show it's in park but the key can't be removed then the problem is going to be internal in the WIN. I've seen this problem on these trucks here and there for a couple years.At our garage many visiting customers  have noticed such problems.

The truck has a fob that fits into the dash slot .

the part in the dash where the FOBIK is inserted is called the WIN. All Dodge trucks from 2009 to present use a WIN.

Straightening out the steering wheel or jerking the vehicle front and back will not help in removing the key. There is no mechanical linkage of any kind going to the WIN and it has no way of looking at where the steering wheel is. The only input the WIN utilizes to decide whether to release the key is if the shifter is in park.

This details will help.

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