Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where is A/C Pressure Switch Located on Mercedes?

2000 Mercedes Benz ML320 Low pressure Switch Location.

For Location of  Low pressure switch just follow the refrigerant line from A/c compressor to the condenser.

How to replace the Low Pressure Switch?

Its very simple the old one screws out and new one screws IN.

pressure switch depresses a valve core when it screws on. It's probably safer to remove the refrigerant but if you look at your new switch and it has a pointed center to depress the core you should be able to just unscrew the old one and screw on the new one.
On some cases the refrigerant has to be drained out from the system then the switch can be replaced.

For refrigerant pressure sensor/Switch location see the diagram Image shown below :----
Ac pressure switch

This details and diagram will help.

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