Thursday, July 19, 2012

White smoke and Acrid smell

2007 Volkswagen touran 1.9L Engine.


1.Noticed White Smoke while starting the Vehicle.
Smoke was noticed coming from the Front Grill.

2.And Acrid Smell Noticed just above the radiator on the right facing front of the car under the hood.

Both issues are described below:---

These is common issue noticed by others too.Its Coolant related.

Carefully see the area from where the smoke is getting out.The smoke is coming from the auxiliary heater.
Why these smoke is noticed because,when they fire up they will produce excessive white smoke.
Also  if the fuel level is low which can cause an air lock as they use diesel to heat up the coolant to aid the warm up process and also to supply warm air into the heaters when the car is cold, this smoke will happen more so when the car is cold.

There are n-number of users noticing these same exact problem  there are series of technical bulletins referring  this smoke issue that all VW dealers are aware of.
For your information and help:-
The auxiliary heater is situated behind the front bumper, as stated above having a low fuel level can cause this situation.
In these case you have to take the car to  VW dealer for them to prime the air out of the heater lines if this fault persist.

Helpful suggestion:-- I  advise dont let fuel tank drop below quarter of a tank,  anything below can cause this problem again.
Also i   advise you get the technical bulletins check against your car as there is 5/6 issues that need to be checked and modified to combat this issue.
Your nearest VW dealer should provide you details regarding all service bulletin related to your car.


It can be oil leak issue or fuel leak causing these smell.
Also the Above problem of white smoke can be related to these Acrid smell.
But the smell differs a bit when there is a white smoke.

On some cases the white smoke issue was related to sticking clutch.The clutch burning causes white smoke and also these foul smell may be acrid smell.Get the clutch tested when the problem is noticed.On some cases these are sudden problems,which does not occur continuously but remains for some time then disappears and occurs again suddenly.If all is working fine then no need of testing at that present time of the technician testing the clutch it may not have been sticking, so when he carries out his test, all will be ok, there is always a possibility that the clutch plate and pressure plate were sticking, which when they do so will cause the clutch to slip rapidly, and in turn you will get a foul smell, which can be as a foul eggy smell, which lingers around for a long time, the smell you get  from the auxiliary heater is also a foul smell but there is a lingering diesel/coolant smell within the clouds of smoke.
The auxiliary heater issue is a well known problem within the VW dealers, i have seen the clutch plates stick as-well and these are prone to flywheel issues which can cause clutch problems, if it has not done it since.Then  i recommend you to monitor the car operation over next few weeks usually if the clutch is going to stick it will do it again and again.

These details will help.

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