Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Intermittent Charging Problem with Engine warning Light?

2012 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi has Charging System problem.The battery looses its charge suddenly.The battery and vehicle both are new.Also the check engine light comes on.But once the battery is recharged the check engine light goes off and all works good.Then suddenly after few days the battery looses charge.
The Truck is under warranty.


Battery loosing charge and Check engine warning light on Dash.

There are N-number of possibilities that can cause charging problem.
It can be the issue with  alternator to wiring, connection at the alternator on the field connector or output cable, software, etc. Since the engine light has come on there will be stored fault codes that will aid in diagnosis. On some of such cases at out Auto garage We've seen a couple trucks where the positive cable wasn't properly tightened at the alternator and it would cause intermittent charging problems, and I've also seen connectors that didn't seat properly. Also the problem can just be engine controller software and there could be an update that would take care of the problem. To know for sure if your particular software is up to date the truck will have to be connected to the WiTech scan tool and the software part number read and it will automatically tell them if it's up to date or not. There are software updates quite often for different modules and even though the truck is new the software may not be up to date.As its mentioned that Vehicle is latest and still under warranty,so getting Truck module scanned at nearest dealer is very much advisable.

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