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Cruise Control stops working,Excessive cranks to start the engine and RPM goes max 2500

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser With Error codes P0325, P0340, P0032

Multiple issues noticed on Chrysler PT cruiser

  • Cruise control Light goes out on dash.
  • Hard to start,Excessive cranks to start the engine.
  • And RPM will not go more then 2500.
How To start Troubleshooting This Problem?

As per the OBD error codes retrieved,the problem is related to this codes.

The Error codes are indicating few parts.Getting these parts checked will help to solve the problem.

On most cases you get P0325 and P0340 together or only P0340.
Error code P0325 is indicating problem with knock sensor. This could be the knock sensor or it's wiring problem.But on some cases error code P0-325 just comes up because  P0340. 
Normally to clear error code you have to replace the knock sensor. 
But I suggest first get the error code P0340 fixed  and see if that takes care of error code P0325. I've seen these two codes set together in the past when there hasn't been an actual knock sensor problem.

The Error Code P0340 is  related to the problem which you described for your vehicle.
These error code sets when there is no cam sensor signal at the engine controller. 
The problem like excessive/multiple  cranking to start/hard starting, cruise control  stops working and 2,500 RPM rev limiter are because of the missing cam sensor signal. 
The PCM is not getting signal from cam sensor.
When the PCM doesn't see a signal from the cam sensor it will still allow the engine to start, where other vehicles didn't in the past. It will impose a 2,500 RPM rev limiter since it has no way of actually knowing if the engine is in time or not. There are many fault codes that will disable cruise control and P0340 is one of them. Without a cam sensor signal and having a 2,500 RPM rev limiter there is no way cruise could function properly so it's disabled altogether.Actually cruise is not turning off,its getting disabled because there is no Cam sensor signal received by PCM.

It can be caused by faulty Cam sensor itself  or it's wiring, but is almost always caused by the sensor. 


The cam sensor mounts to the left end of the cylinder head and runs off a magnet on the end of the intake cam. Cam sensor failures on this engine are pretty common.
First start with inspecting wiring and connection of the sensor.If all loos good ,clean and intact then I would recommend replacing the sensor.If possible use branded part like a Mopar part and it will almost surely take care of the problem.Aftermarket parts sometimes don't give accurate results and same problem is remains.

The Error Code P0032 indicates problem with upstream oxygen sensor's internal heater. This can be either the sensor or it's wiring, almost always this is a failure of the sensor. 

Upstream oxygen sensor is threaded into the top of the exhaust manifold. If the wiring looks visibly ok then go ahead and replace the sensor with a Mopar part or any other branded company parts.

Replace cam sensor and upstream oxygen sensor and these solved the problem.

These details will help anyone else noticing the same kind of problem.

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