Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rear Door will not open

VEHICLE: Volkswagen Passat 2008 Year model.


  • Rear door will not open from outside.
  • Also If its faulty part,then what needs to be replaced and how?


First of all there are no adjustments on the rear door handle that can be done.

Its working is simple, the handle hooks into the door plate.
The door Plate sits behind the rear door skin.
Now when you pull the lever it pulls on a hinged plate that pulls a cable.
The cable is attached to the door latch to release the door
First part to be checked is that the handle is fully sitting/fitted into the hinged bracket, 
See the help diagram shown below:----
vw rear door handel

Now if this is ok then the problem is either with the door latch or the cable.
Either the cable is broken or the door latch is worn out/cracked or broken.

See the help diagram shown below:---
vw rear door latch

Also see complete door assembly part showing door latch and cable.

vw rear door cable


As per our garage repair experience.What we most notice on such problem is the door handle is not fully located into the hinged bracket to operate the door latch cable correctly.
If that is the same issue in your case too then to correct the issue you need to remove the door barrel to fit this handle.
Please note that  when loosing the torx screw to remove door handle , ensure the door handle is pulled out so it sets the hinged bracket in the correct position for you to remove and refit the handle, correctly.
If not done this way then you will miss the location point of the handle to hinged bracket behind the door skin and re-installing the parts will become confusion and more difficult.

These details will help.

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