Saturday, July 21, 2012

NO voltage on Trailer Sockets?

VEHICLE: 2008 Volkswagen Passat Estate.
Engine Model: 2.0 TDI 140.

PROBLEM: No voltage on Trailer wiring sockets on rear side of car.Its a 7 Pin socket trailer.


Noticed such cases at out garage few times.
On one of such case the customer noticed the problem after his tow bar electric installed in the vehicle.
On that same case the problem was blown out  fuse for the smart relay, which is on a flying lead.

Yes its possible,that in your case the fuse must not be the same but it indicates problem with fuses.
Any of the fuse or fuses are blown out and causing this issue.

Inspect the fuses.
Below are the details for the fuse box located on your car model.

There are multiple fuses depending on your fuse box , which is depending on your level of spec on car, so you will have to check all possible areas.

Fuse box number 1 passenger side under bonnet:

  • Check / inspect the fusible links .Locate Fusible links on passenger side under bonnet next to battery .The numbers SA 4 , SA 5 start from left hand side front of fuse box and count along until you come to fusible links 4 and 5, next SB3,4,30,49, SB3= 25A, SB4=25A, SB30= 50A, SB49= 50A, same fuse box as before.

Also  look at fuses on top in same fuse box, you will see No of fuses beside fuse usually starting with an F.

Fuse box number 2 side of dash panel( driver side)

  • For this fuse box  you will have to remove cover on side of dash panel, again fuses are No on plastic part of fuse box, SC6= 5A, SC28= 20A, SC38 = 15A.
Check the fuses in the fuse box.

Fuse box number 3 located in boot area on left hand side behind trim panel.

  • In these fuse box check fuses SF1 = 30A, start from left hand side and SF1 is 1st fuse.
Properly check each and every fuse and fusible links in the fuse box.Yes its time consuming to inspect each and every fuse,but that's the only procedure to confirm.
The problem is most probably the fuse and next possibility is wiring,but that's rare.

These details will help.

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