Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brake Fade Issue?

Brake going towards floor and not returning back to its actual position.

In this problem first check brake fluid is it low or is it leaking.Get the vacuum test done.If there is vacuum lean on brake line then it has to be solved.
Also inspect brake pads and rotors.

Dont forget to bleed the system.
Then check.


Mechanics call this condition as "BRAKE FADE".
In brake fade problem you will notice no brake fluid leak.
It will not be caused by a fluid leak because it would be present at all times and your brake fluid would leak out completely in 1 or two days.

The only possible causes are deflection or a bypassing master cylinder.

Deflection occurs when the car has a loose wheel bearing or a back caliper bracket. The excessive movement of the rotor or caliper makes for extended brake pedal travel. This condition usually presents itself frequently.

Bypassing master cylinder is when the fluid moves from one side of the master cylinder to the other internally instead of going to the wheels. This is a common problem for cars that sit LONG FOR MONTHS WITHOUT DRIVING.And due to this the piston seals in the master cylinder become deformed from lack of use.

I recommend getting the  master cylinder replaced.
As all the other basics are checked ok,then replacing master cylinder is necessary.

These details will help.

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