Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where Is AC Low Pressure Port Located On Ford LCF 2006?

When the AC refrigerant /Freon Level gets low the A/C system needs to be charged with refrigerant.

The A/C recharging has to be done from Low pressure port.
There are two ports high pressure port and Low pressure port.
If the A/C charging connector is connected to high pressure port then System can get issues.

So charging from low pressure port is necessary.
Also mostly the Refrigerant charging unit will not fit to high pressure port due to its design.

The Low pressure A/C port is up front near where the front hinges for the body are and it must be lifted up to access it.

Service Gauge Port Valves
The high-pressure service gauge port valve is located on the receiver/drier.
The low-pressure service gauge port valve is located on compressor manifold and tube near the evaporator fitting.

While charging the A/C system get the exact pressure tested.This will let you know how much refrigerant is already there in the system.This helps you to add the required refrigerant.,
Don't overflow the system with more then required refrigerant.
This will not at all help.

This details will help.

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