Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pin that holds the flick key part to the key fob?

The Pin is missing.
Its the Pin that holds the wriststrap to the watch.

A very little metal bar that connects the bluemotion remote inside key to the metal keyring loop.

Common issues.
There are two parts that many a times cause problems.
I will describe both.


  • First of all you can't buy that bar .It is part of the key remote, it quite a common issue them breaking off.
  • Best repair option is ......... some people glue them back on, but to carry out a proper repair you will need to replace the key fob remote, that you use to lock and unlock the car, this remote will also need to be coded back into the car if replaced with a new remote.

Other part is u-shaped metal section that clips onto the key-ring.Its the spring loaded bar that goes through the black key and clips into two recessed holes.On some cases this part goes missing..

  • You cant buy that pin any where as it comes as part of the new key.
  • Best option to be tried .............look for a cheap key on Ebay .You will get if you search there are many available .Just get one and then tap this pin out with a very thin punch and refit in your key, VW or any other parts supplier don't sell this separately.
These details will help.

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