Saturday, July 21, 2012

Immobilizer Bypass

VEHICLE: Volkswagen Golf 2000 year model.

PROBLEM: Lost both the keys.And now no way to start the vehicle without new key.

QUESTIONS: Can i by-pass the immobilizer to make the car start with normal key.


The immobilizer cannot be bypassed on your vehicle.Its not possible.The immobiliser is part of the instrument cluster.
to make the car start and the run the immobiliser has to pair up with the info in the engine control module, by matching Vin Number and immobilizer Number together.the details for both these numbers gets matched then  only Engine control module (ECU) will allow the car to start.

Go to nearest VW dealer and get the key made for you.

But if there is no VW dealer in your area,then the problem starts.The procedure to get the Key becomes lengthier.
in that case Ring your nearest VW dealer to see if they could send you a new key to the Vin of the car and the Key No of the car.
Yes its possible .They will ask you to provide the PR No's of the car, this is the build info on the car, this all depends on how helpful they are and also weather they would be willing to send it overseas, as this has to be done if there is no VW dealer in your area.

In your case the car will not start until its new key is coded to the car, some local lock smiths have the equippment to code keys to cars now, and also some mobile diagnostic technician have the software on there diagnostic machines to code keys to the car.

The spare key can be accessed by lock smith or VW dealer ,also now-a-days spare key can be bough on ebay.
Once you get the key,get the key coded by the vw dealer,locksmith or by mobile diag techs.The software is necessary to get the key coded.The lock smith or mobile tech should have the key coding software.If they have then it can be done.

These details will help.

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