Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chevy Nova Seat belt Interlock Override

Where is Seat belt interlock override button located.

1974 Chevy nova has starting issue, no power to the trigger wire on the starter.

For seat belt override switch location,Above the master cylinder on the firewall their is a push button switch. It says start on it.

The part is called a seatbelt interlock override. Congress enacted and repealed the law in 1974 making seatbelt interlocks obsolete.

If this part goes faulty,then there is no replacement available,but you will have to get same switch installed from another Chevy nova.

In 1974 we used to unplug the connector under the drivers seat to disable these seatbelt controls.

Sometime on ebay you can purchase these switch parts.But its rare to obtain these part quickly.

See below its exact image,that will help you too:----

chevy nova switch

And for no power to the trigger wire on the starter
Remove the ignition switch and see do you get power now,If yes then its issue with interlock switch.

More than just the interlock override. there is a logic module and a ton of switches and wiring. You had to sit in the drivers seat with nothing resting on the others seats, all doors shut and drivers seatbelt buckled, then start the car.

Even when these cars were new they would not start.

To bypass these switches try this :-------

Unplug the seat sensor under the drivers seat and it should start if the seat belt is left buckled. Look for wires under the seat.

You could go from the ignition switch purple to the override purple, as a fast bypass if the unplugging does not work.

The purple wire on the override relay goes to the starter.

This details will help.

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