Sunday, July 15, 2012

Battery Light and ABS Light on Dash

Both Battery And ABS Warning Light ON dashboard panel.

In most of such cases i have seen,the ABS light comes on because battery warning light is ON.

But if only ABS light is on then its case of codes stored in ABS module.It has to be scanned to retrieve error codes.

But in these case too both lights are ON.So i suggest first get the battery light issue solved and see,if ABS lights gets OFF,then no worry.But if ABS light is ON,then get the module scanned and retrieve error codes and codes will tell what further part inspection is required.

The Charging system “Battery” Warning light indicates problems with the charging system.This can be due to  voltage too high/low, generator failure, etc.
Mostly these light will not come on,if minor voltage low issue is there,but if an extreme condition is indicated, the lamp will be illuminated. Most commonly, this light will turn on when the alternator/generator stops functioning. As per my experience in your case the Alternator is the issue.Its not performing as it should.


There are few regular reasons for the alternator to stop working.
It  includes

  •  A loose missing drive belt, and internal alternator failure.
  • Wiring issues and potentially a failure of the voltage regulation circuit in the PCM.

More often than not, this is simply an indication of a failed alternator, so the first step is to have the alternator tested to see if it is still capable of functioning. Sometimes getting the Alternator termionals cleaned and reconnecting and same cleaning with battery terminals helps to resolve the issue.But if this procedure is not helping then  alternator  needs replacing.

Seen many times when the alternator stops working, the battery voltage will start dropping and this can cause many other symptoms to develop, such as the abs light etc, so there is a good chance that the abs issue is related to this battery light.

These details will help.

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