Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buying Second Hand 2003 Hyundai Accent?

Hyundai is a good brand of car.But on 2000 and later model Hyundai's till 2004 there were several problems noticed on this cars.

There are many other users who notice problem with this car model.

This model year was not highly rated because of major problems with the car. 
Problems like:---
  • First the interior was extremely flimsy and the plastics were very very cheap. 
  • Another thing is mechanically they are not anywhere close to tough, their engines tend to get noisy and have issues. Suspension wise the vehicle is not strong. 
An overall 4 out of 10 car when it comes to over all value.
In late 2003 they did minor changes to the vehicle which supposedly improved the vehicle's problems which it did but not everything. If you are planning to buy an accent then consider a post 2006 body style as these are ok. If you must buy this body style then by all means buy a 2004.

Also before buying the second hand used old car .Try this basics and test its condition:-----

  • Make sure you drive this vehicle over bumps and make sure you listen to the engine and make sure it sounds ok. 
  • Since these cars are cheap you'd want to buy the least mileage possible for the best price. 
  • The resale value and the market for these car is always down, In other words it's a hard car to sell that is not a special car. 
  • Also test and inspect the mileage.There are lots of  low mileage issues noticed on this vehicle.
Concerning transmission problems I have seen alot of them with that car but usually they are the earlier models. The problems are electrical in nature and i've seen alot of them stuck in one gear due to major electrical components failure. You should observe that and make sure that no dash lights are on and that the transmission shifts smoothly and you can feel all shifts.

But if all this aspects are checked ok and you get genuine few months warranty.Then go for it.
Otherwise reconsider before buying this car brand.

This details will help.

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