Friday, June 15, 2012

Ford Explorer 5.0L: Engine Miss?

Cylinder Misfire on Ford Explorer.
Basically in such cases,the problem really is leak in intake.

But as for ford  5.0L Engine  wasn't really known for intake leaks.

The Possible options that has to be checked are as follows:--------
It all depends on what type of miss it is.

  •  If it's not a "heavy" miss, 
Then more than likely cylinder compression is ok.
  • If it's just a slight miss, and the injector passes the Ohms test- run a bottle of injector cleaner through the system. 
If it helps, or helps a little bit, then possibly the injector is clogged, yet still "pulses" and shows signs that it is still within the "acceptable" mechanical specs.
Might be a good idea to replace the injector.

Getting this basic possibilities will help.

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