Saturday, June 16, 2012

Airbag Light Comes ON intermittently?

Airbag lights comes on then goes off automatically after some time.

In some cases disconnecting and reconnecting the battery helps.Try this.And see if this helps to clear the airbag light from coming ON again.

But if  the AirBag light- still comes on, then check your Horn. If the horn does not work while the AirBag light is on, this will be a problem with the Clockspring Assembly. If the horn does work, you will then need to have the Air Bag codes retrieved from the computer. There are literally dozens and dozens of parts/sensors in the Air Bag system- from an Impact Sensor to a problem in the Seat Belts, and anything in between. So instead of guessing which part is faulty out this so many possibilities.
Its advisable to scan the Air bag module to retrieve codes.
Once you have these Air Bag diagnostic codes, it will point to the faulty part/sensor and you can then more accurately and efficiently make the correct diagnosis and make the correct repair.

This details will help.

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