Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2001 Dodge Durango: Power Window Switch Removal?

The driver side door panel has to be disassembled to replace power window switch.
To replace the power window switch, the door panel needs to be removed, and there are screws holding it in place from the backside of the panel.

See the door panel removal procedure with diagram shown below:----

1) Roll door glass down.
2) Remove window crank, if equipped.
3) Remove screws attaching trim panel to door, Fig.
4) Simultaneously lift upward and outward to release retainer steps from inner from inner door panel.
5) Disengage inside handle linkage rod from inside handle.
6) Disconnect speaker harness electrical connector.
7) Disconnect power mirror electrical connector, if equipped.
8) Remove power window/lock switch panel, if equipped.
9) Remove door trim panel from vehicle.
10) Reverse procedure to install.

door panel

This details will help.

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