Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2003 Ford Taurus: Power Door Locks not operating?

There are few possibilities that can cause this problem.
Read the working procedure of power door locks.This will help to understand its working and as per that your can check its related parts.

Power Door Locks
Regardless of the ignition switch position, the GEM is hot at all times. When the GEM receives a signal from the remote transmitter or door lock control switch, the GEM supplies a ground signal to the appropriate lock or unlock relay. The ground signal closes the relay which supplies power to the door lock actuators.Once this is done. The door lock actuators will then actuate to a lock or unlock position determined by the relay power supplied on the lock or unlock circuit.
In the same Way The liftgate is also controlled by the GEM by sending a ground signal to the liftgate unlock relay. The liftgate unlock actuator is also hardwired to the liftgate relay. When the relay receives the ground signal from the GEM, it actuates the liftgate unlock actuator to the unlock position.

This details will help you to understand the working procedure.So you can the related parts inspected.To complete the repairs and resolve the issue.

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