Sunday, June 10, 2012

2009 Ford Focus: Overhead Light wont turn OFF?

Overhead light will not turn OFF.

Yes this is noticed by many others too.

Either its faulty control module or the system needs to be reset.

Read the help details below:-----

This is likely a failure in the smart junction box. This has a internal module which controls the lamps. It may be in logic lock.

Try a reset, if this does not work you will need to have it diagnosed with a handheld scan tool from the dealership. The module may have to be replaced.

Here is the simple procedure

To perform the logic reset. This can be done by removing the battery cables and connecting them together for about 2 minutes. This depletes the energy from the modules.
Do it carefully and gently.
While performing reset procedure,Make sure both cables are removed from the battery first.

If reset is not resolving the issue then,module has to be replaced.

This details will help.

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