Saturday, June 16, 2012

1995 Toyota Camry: Labor Time To replace Transmission and Motor Mounts?

Transmission mount and motor mount replacing time.

There's a front, rear, transmission and the "right" which is an Engine Moving Control Mount. Check out the image below,
This will help:--------

Transmission mounts

Engine moving control rod, rr engine mountng insulator, FR engine mounting insulator, and AT mount.

The labor time to replace this parts is as follows:----

Front Mount: 0.7hrs
Rear Mount: 2.0hrs
Control Rod (the one on the top right): 0.5hrs
Trans Mount: 1.0hrs

Also inspect the Sawybar links.
If worn out faulty then replace that too.

To replace
Stabilizer Links - Front or Rear - 0.3hrs  each side (so 0.3 x 4 if you're doing them all) that is 1.2hrs.

This will help.

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