Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buying Second Hand 2004 Honda Civic?

I will say its a very good car.Very good history about this car.The performance is very good,if maintained well.

But as per your description,i doubt its maintained well or you are not getting correct info.

YOUR Description about the Vehicle.

Honda civic 2004
Engine model 1.7L
Driven only 18000 miles.
Parts replaced till date  timing chain, water pump, stablizer bar links and sway bar links.

This is not Normal.

The life of this parts replaced is much more.
I think , maybe these repairs were done because some Dealer somewhere took advantage of the previous owner telling them they needed these things done, when they really didn't. But, yes, at this low milage, again, a little odd.

First of all honda  1.7L does not have a timing "chain", it has a timing "belt". However, it's not due to be replaced until 110,000 miles.Then why the previous owner replaced it with 18000 miles only. So, having it replaced at such low milage is a little strange. When replacing the timing belt, it is very common to replace the water pump at the same time, as the timing belt runs the water pump. As for the links being replaced, this is usually a sign that there was a "clunking" or "knocking" when traveling over small bumps. Again, at this low mileage, it's a little odd that they would be worn out so soon. The Civix is a really strong, reliabe vehicle, and as long as you do not let anyone do any service to the transmission (they are extremely touchy, and only a professional with Honda experience should service it!) it should run for a very long time.

But If the Seller is saying he has replaced this part and he has all the bills for part replacement.Then go to your regular mechanic and ask him to inspect this parts.

Yes it will take some time to get the parts inspected. but you will be Assured and confident,that you are getting good car with good deal.

With the new timing belt on there, that should last well past the 110,000k service interval. And the new links should also last a very long time. On some deals there is no warranty available.So please get all available and possible details about the vehicle and parts warranty before buying second hand car.As for the warranty covering it, that will depend on the "fine print" of the warranty. More than likely, it should cover a timing belt (but if it was done correctly, it'll be a long time before that gives you a problem), but probably not the links (but as long as the links were of "better quality" again, should be a long time before those go bad again too). Something you should discuss with the warranty people.

The Vehicle is really good,but it all depends on how well its maintained.Get complete previous history of the car before your really get into paying the decided amount to the previous owner.

This will help.

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