Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chrysler Cirrus Auto Transmission Swap?

Interchanging Automatic transmission 4 Plug unit with 2 plug unit.

Use new model transmission for old transmission.

The idea is good,but its not possible.

The older old model transmission used separate switches mounted to the front of the trans for reverse lights and park/neutral functions. Whereas on newer transmissions it uses transmission range sensor, which is wired to the transmission control module (TCM).
The range sensor has an elaborate array of switches and each one of them change state for a given gear.
The TCM has to see the correct combination of switch inputs for each gear, otherwise the trans will go into limp-in. Since the range sensor signals have nothing in common with the outputs of the switches on the old trans, installing the wrong trans and splicing wires isn't something that will work. The correct trans will need to be installed to work correctly.
If the actual transmission is not available at dealership then local car junkyard is the best place to start to get the same matching Transmission.

This details will help.

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