Thursday, June 7, 2012

2009 Toyota Camry: Hoop Open Message on Dash?

This warning indicates to inspect and check the Hood.If its not closed properly,then close the hood.But if hood is closed properly and still you are getting the Hood Open Warning Message on Dash then its necessary to check the hood switch.
The hood latch switch  is integrated into the hood latch.\You will need to go to your local toyota dealer and purchase the hood latch. This is the part that is bolted to the center of the radiator support. 

Integrated into the latch means that it is not serviceable separately.

There was Service bulletin released for same problem.The hood Open on Dash Display but its fot Scion XB car model and not for Toyota Camry care model.

In this case you will have to get the hood latch switch replaced or by yourself.Get original part.

This details will help.

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