Sunday, June 17, 2012

1999 GMC Suburban: Cranks but will not start?

This issues are mostly related to faulty or weak fuel pump.Or its issue with clogged fuel filter.If the parts are old and not replaced recently,then get both filter and fuel pump replaced.
To confirm the issue measure the fuel pressure.

The first thing we need to do is measure the fuel pressure when the engine is cold and will not start. This engine requires at LEAST 58 psi for the engine to start when cold. ANYTHING less and you will have the issues with fuel pump and or fuel filter.
Please go with branded parts, Instead of cheap third grade parts.Sometimes this non branded parts dont support the vehicle or dont last long.

The fuel pressure test port is on the rear of the engine on the fuel line to the driver side of the distributor. It should have a black plastic cap on it if someone hasn't removed it already.

This is the first step in diagnosing this problem. Fuel pumps have a vary high failure rate on GM trucks .

How long ago did you replace the fuel pump?

Measure the fuel pressure when it won't start . Also, after you have a valid engine cranking fuel pressure reading, try spraying some carb cleaner into the intake and see if it will start up easier. If it does, that definitely leads to the fuel pump.

This details will help.

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