Sunday, June 24, 2012

2008 Ford C-Max Towing Capacity

Exact Towing Capacity

You're going to wear out your vehicle quickly if you exceed its towing capacity.
So Knowing Exact Towing Capacity of your vehicle is very much necessary.Its always mentioned in your vehicles owners manual about its towing capacity and other other basic details.

But if you dont have the vehicles owners manual at present or its lost somewhere then NO WORRIES.

Here's the details.

Maximum towing capacity for the 2008 c-max with 1.8L engine is 1200KG/2645LB

The Customers Say:---
This reports are from the regular customers visiting at out garage.
They own the same Ford C-max 1.8L Engine Vehicle.

One of the user says ...............
I am very much  impressed with the performance while towing with this car. First i was worried about its regarding the small engine for towing .But after actually towing with this vehicle now i  admit it tows very well. I was able to maintain the speed limit even uphill in 5th gear. A very good car to tow with... The van isn't bad either.I got a good vehicle.Thanks ford.

Other User says ...............

Found the C-max copes well pulling the Eriba Troll when cruising on motorways.
Also good average maintenance around 27-28 MPG.
Ford Cmax tow capacity and balance exceptionally well, my previous towcars have all been diesel, whilst lacking the lugging power of the diesel i am very impressed with this C-max 1.8.
I was  concerned with its ability on hills. But got pleased when I encountered a particularly steep hill,in that case  i was forced through the gears all the way down to first. Having said that it probably means that the car is well in need of a good service.

This details will help.

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