Sunday, June 10, 2012

2003 Mercury Sable: Door Ajar Light and Dome Light Remains ON?

Yes noticed by many car models.

The interior dome light and door Ajar light remains On.

First check all the door are they properly closed or any of the one is not closed properly.

This lights comes on because interior computer system ,which monitors the door closing/opening system.Detects that door is Open. Even if its closed,it sees door is open.

Usually this is caused by a sticking door ajar switch.

The proper solution is to replace the switch after determining which one is sticking by using a ford scanner to monitor the door ajar switches at the time that the concern is happening. In some cases lubricating the latch/switch with WD40 helps. This is accomplished by using the spray wand on the WD40. Insert the wand deep into the door latch (the switch is mounted to the latch inside the door) between the claws and soak the latch thoroughly. Now open and close the door 10 -15 times to work the lube into the latch and switch. Repeat for all of the doors.

See if that is helping.If not then switch has to be replaced.

This details will help.

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