Saturday, June 16, 2012

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser: Vapor Blows From under the car?

A/C not Working ,not turning ON.Also the vapor blows out from under the car.
There are many possibilities from this problem.
But this problem i very much noticed on Chrysler PT Cruiser.

This is the high pressure pop off valve on the compressor releasing freon. You need to look at the condenser fan for this problem. Does the fan work at all with the ac on.

For your information:----
The fan module is right behind the radiator and bolted to the front of the vehicle. To test this you will  need a scan tool to activate the fans, but this is very common.

The other possibilities for this problem is issue with  computer or wiring issue, but this is very common on the PT cruiser,the high pressure valve needs to be inspected/tested.
Also see the fan module.

This details will help.

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