Friday, June 1, 2012

Alternator Belt replacing Procedure?

Vehicle accessory system runs on pulley via the belt.If the belt is cracked o belt is loose or worn out it has to be replaced.

All accessories like power steering,A/C,Alternator etc etc runs via belt.The belt is placed on Pulleys.The belt dries all this accessories and it all functions and runs the car engine system.

If the Alternator belt is loose or worn out,the alternator will not run or perform as it should and finally the alternator will not work.So always before replacing the alternator its advisable to view its drive belt.If the Alternator belt is faulty then it has to be replaced.

The procedure to replace Alternator belt is basic common for all car brand and models.But there are some important difference.Keeping that in mind all possible different types of Alternator belt replacing procedures are provided below.Just go through the help links provided below.Select the required help link which you wat to view.

The list of Alternator belt replacing help link is as follows:------

How to remove Alternator and drive belt on GMC Envoy?

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