Saturday, June 16, 2012

2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser: Airbag Warning Light ON?

The airbag warning light just indicates that there is a problem within the system and it means that airbags won't work in case of an accident. And that is actually not good.
But you can still drive your car like if it didn't have airbag system.But i suggest get the Airbag module scanned and confirm what the problem is.

You need to retrieve the error codes stored in the Airbag module.

For this process the only way to know what causes your "Air Bag" warning light to come on is to retrieve trouble codes from the Occupant Restraint Controller ORC ( it is just a specific Chrysler name for an Airbag control module).
This could be done with a DRB III scan tool. Unfortunately many other scan tools just could not communicate to this control module so you will need to find somebody who has a DRB III .The other scan tools are not bad,but they dont give you appropriate required result.On some scan tool it will not shown any codes at all.So right scan tool is required.
It is very likely that you have just an intermittent bad contact/wiring issue somewhere within the airbag system components but without knowing trouble codes its only guess.
But once you retrieve exact trouble codes  set within the ORC memory.You can continue further troubleshooting.

This details will help.

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