Thursday, June 21, 2012

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser: A/C Blows Warm?

Compressor replaced,but still A/C blows Warm.
The Low pressure reading is 70 and high pressure reading goes high up to 500.

The Troubleshooting solution in this types of problem:-----

When an A/C compressor is replaced due to an internal mechanical failure, it is also required to check, flush and/or replace other components such as : condenser, expansion valve, receiver-drier. It should be done as the old faulty compressor could have thrown some debris and shavings into the system.
If your compressor engages and the system is charged but there is no cold air, then check the A/C low presure line and see if it is cold.

In most of such cases  expansion valve could be the most probable reason.

BUT please note on your car model.That is Chrysler PT cruiser Non-Turbo .......

It uses a variable orifice tube/valve instead of an expansion valve.

Working procedure and Location of this device:---
This device is used to meter the flow of liquid refrigerant into the evaporator coil and it is factory installed into the high pressure liquid line that connects the condenser outlet to evaporator inlet. 
It is located in the end of the liquid line that is closest to the condenser and serviced only as a liquid line assembly. 

The inlet end of the orifice tube has a nylon mesh filter screen that appears to be blocked with debris from your old compressor based on the pressure information you provided. 
Normal low pressure should be within 25-40 PSI and high pressure 150-300PSI ( depends on ambient temperature).
Your both readings are too high that indicates a restriction and no flow.
In this case i recommend you to  have the condenser flushed or better replaced as it is the first item that receives output from the compressor and all debris usually are collected inside the condenser.
The A/C liquid line must be replaced.
Also get the other A/C parts and lines.

This details will help.

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