Sunday, June 10, 2012

2007 Mercury Mountaineer: Liftgate will not Unlock or Open?

Liftgate locked.
It will not unlock or open with key or any other source.

On the Liftgate there is a Glass Window.That glass will go close and open.
But complete lift gate will not unlock.

On most of such cases this problem is caused by a defective / faulty  liftgate latch operating actuator. Since the liftgate wont open it is very difficult to get the liftgate interior trim panel off without breaking it. It can be done its just not easy especially if you have never done it before.
To perform this task/ dis-assembly.
The lower grab handle needs to be removed then the panel is raised about 1 1/2" to disengage the retainer clips. Once the panel is off, the actuator lever needs to be moved manually to release the latch to open the liftgate. Once the liftgate is open, the liftgate latch needs to be removed to replace the actuator.

Its a Tricky procedure.Not difficult but needs proper experience and parts replacing knowledge.

This details will help.

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