Wednesday, August 10, 2011

where to add oil on 2007 Mercedes-Benz SLK350?

Tools Required : 8mm & 13mm sockets + wrench. Mercedes Oil Filter removal tool (19$ ebay)

Step1: Drive the Car around to warm up the oil , then drive up the Rhino Ramps, (or jack the car up, whatever is your preference)

Step2: Pop the hood and remove the Oil-Fillup Cap and the Oil Filter. This is optional , but I feel like I'm relieving the pressure a bit before draining her out.

Step3: Get under the car armed with our 8mm socket wrench, and remove 6 or so bolts holding the 1st plastic piece in place. Then remove the 2nd plastic piece (there are two bolts very hard to find, close to the wheel wells). You will now see the Oil Drain Pan and the Oil Drain Plug.

Step4: Position your Oil Drain container and using the 13mm socket wrench, remove the Oil Drain Plug and let the oil pour out. Go have a snack / watch some TV and let her drip for an hour or so.

Step5:Remove the Oil Filter using the "special mercedes tool" and a 1/2 drive wrench. remove the old filter, clean the encasing and remove the rubber o-rings. Slide in the new filter, and put on the new O-rings provided. (3 in all)

Step6: Get back under the car, Put the Drain Plug bolt back on (don't forget the washer) and wipe the area clean (to check for leaks later)

Step7: Pour in about 5qts of new fully synthetic Mercedes-approved Oil. I used Pennzoil 5w-30, since I live in super-sunny yet not that hot California. You can use whatever you prefer, the last time some people had issues with not using mobil1 or not using 0w-40 etc. If you live on the east coast or where its really cold, you may want to use 0w-40. My car, my choice, same with yours.

Step8: Get back under the car and check for leaks. If everything looks good, put the two plastic pieces back on and drive off the Rhino Ramps. This is very important since you want the car totally level before pouring in more oil to avoid incorrect max readings.

Step9: Pour more oil and keep checking the oil dipstick to make sure you don't go over the max level indicator. I was able to get almost 8.5 qts in... about 8.3 or so I would guess.

Step10: Follow the Service reminder reset procedure and're done!

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