Monday, August 8, 2011

How to confirm which fluid is leaking?

Do you have a fluid leak under your car or truck? Here’s a simple way to be your own private investigator. If you’re not sure whether you are losing oil, transmission fluid, coolant or brake fluid, here is a simple, but effective method for finding who or what caused it!

Place an old sheet or large piece of white cardboard under the vehicle overnight. In the morning you will have your answer. Each fluid is a different color to help you diagnose the answers.

Brake fluid is light yellow.

red fluid is auto transmission fluid.------

Bright blue is windshield wiper fluid.

Clear fluid is power steering fluid.-------

Bright green is radiator coolant.-------

Light brown is manual transmission fluid.--------

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  1. Thanks for this. Now I've just got to figure out why it's leaking and get it repaired.