Wednesday, August 3, 2011

how to remove cd player from dash of 2005 Ford 500?

Most vehicles require that you first remove dashboard paneling in order to gain access to the stereo mounting dock. Once exposed, the head unit needs to be extracted from the vehicle's stereo mounting bracket. Ford has a different way of doing things. Removing the stereo in a 2005 Ford 500 and other ford models requires special tools called DIN removal keys. Use the keys to remove Ford (as well as Mazda) stereos in minutes.
  • Lift the hood of the Ford to disconnect the battery cable. The grounding cable should be disconnected from the battery before removing or installing any component connected to the vehicle's electrical system. Loosen the bolt that pinches the negative battery clamp to the negative battery lead post with a 10 mm socket wrench. Lift the cable from the battery terminal and rest it to the side of the battery.

  • Slide the prongs of the Ford DIN removal keys into the holes on either side of the stereo's face. Push each tool into its respective opening until it locks into place.

  • Pull outward on each key (right tool to the right, left tool to the left) while sliding the CD player from the Ford's dashboard stereo dock. Pull the unit far enough from the dash to access the wiring connections to the rear of the deck.

  • Squeeze the white plastic wire connectors to release the locking mechanism on each of the two connectors. Unplug the wiring connectors from the outlets on the back of the stock stereo.

  • Unplug the antenna cable from the outlet on the lower-right corner of the CD player's rear panel.

  • It's pretty easy. Most of the pieces you have to remove are held in by clips. First, remove the small rectangular trim piece around the shifter. Then pull the whole middle section out, including the cupholders (all one piece.) You will need to open the center console lid to do this. There are two 9/32" screws that will be exposed when you remove this piece that will allow you to then pop off the wood grain trim around the radio. (in my 2005, the climate controls are attached to the wood grain.) There are then four 9/32" screws holding the radio in place.

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