Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There is no power on 2003 Honda Silverwing 600?

This problem relates to shorted main fuse.---------

Left Rear Cover Removal - Pictorial (Main Fuse Access)

Removing the left rear cover is a snap. 2 phillips screw drivers is all it takes, 1 short and 1 long. To make the job easer, you can remove the spoiler.

1. Place the scooter on center stand.

2. Open seat (remove cargo light bulb for long time periods with seat open).

3. Remove small back panel from scooter (2 screws and panel).

4. Remove bottom screw from Side cover.

5. Remove the 2 top screws.

6. Un-snap covers rear spring clips (2) by pulling straight out on the cover end.

7. Fastening tabs are located alone the covers top edge. Move cover up to disengage these tabs.

8. Disengage front location pin from rubber grommet (located above left passengers foot rest). This is where the Main Fuse for the Scooter is located (30 Amp). I'm pointing at the SPARE main fuse. The IN-USE Main fuse is located just above it.

9. At this point you can remove the rear side cover completely by disengaging the seat dis-locking cable or just let the cover hang by the cable for a short time if needed.

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