Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ford focus dashboard light will not turn on

The vehicle starts fine but the dashboard lights will not turn ON.

These types of problems are noticed on many vehicle brands.

On these particular case the customer noticed issue on his 2002 ford focus.The dashboard lights were not coming ON.

On such cases the problem is either faulty dimmer switch or its issue with faulty headlight switch or its faulty /short wiring or its blown fuse in fuse box.

Just have a look in fuse box,if any fuse is shorted the faulty fuse needs to be replaced.

In such cases no dashboard lights will work.
First try adjusting the dimmer switch dial.If its got set to its lowest setting by mistake,then getting it set to high will solve the issue.

But if that is not helping, then that sounds like the dimmer switch is bad and it needs to be replaced. Its the switch used to adjust the brightness of the lights on the dash and the radio ECT.

On some car modes,headlight switch and dimmer switch is one common switch and on some vehicles there are two switches.One for dimmer and other acts as head light switch.So if on your car,if there are two switches and you have already replaced dimmer switch,then try replacing headlight switch.

 It is possible the headlight switch is bad if the fuses are ok.

To confirm the problem before replacing switch,you can testy the switch with voltmeter.

At the back of switch there is a orange/blue wire.A another orange wire with black stripes and one green wire with black stripes.

You need to check the orange wire with the black strip and the green wire with the black stripe they should both have power with the key on.

In the same way check the orange/blue wire with key on.If there is no power on these wire then headlight switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.

But if you replace the switch and still the same problem is there with new switch,then its issue with wiring.So before directly replacing the switch,inspect and test the wiring.

If you have power going in and nothing going out then it is switch problem, unless the wire is broke that goes to the interior lights.So to confirm  check the wiring at the connector.

The orange and blue wire goes to the lights on the dash. It is possible you have a short to ground somewhere to the dash lights if it is blowing the fuse.

To solve the short issue in wiring,

Try these simple procedure.Run a new cable, or put you ohm meter on the lowest setting and touch the orange blue wire and put the other end to ground. Suppose you get low resistance then there is a short to ground and you will need to unplug the wiring harness until you get high resistance showing were the short is located.

These details will help you to confirm what the problem is.

Either its switch or wiring or its fuse problem.


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