Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peugeot 307: Clutch will no go in gears?

The clutch is hard to push and not going in gears.

This case has many possibilities.
It can be faulty clutch itself or clutch cable alignment needs to be checked.The cable gets loose and such problems occurs.

Clutch cables gets stretch and needs to inspected for proper adjustment.
As per manual it says there should be less then 1.5 cm free play space at the pedal.
If the space increases more then 1.5 cm, the fiction disk of the clutch will rub and make shifting hard for the transmission.
On latest Peugeot there is an adjustment capability at the end of the cable sheath, where it attaches to the transmission.
Now by lengthening the sheath, it makes the cable shorter, and takes up some of the slack. Please note that the pedal should be firm after only a small amount of movement. Make sure each end of the cable sheath is correctly seated.
Make sure you push all the way down, and there is no carpeting or anything else out of position that is blocking full pedal travel.

Also check the transmission fluid level with the plug in the side of the gearbox.
Check the shift cable and linkages.
Also inspect the selector cable  or in the selector quadrant inside the cabin.

Getting this possibilities checked will help.

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