Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jaguar XJ6 fuel pump replaced but still the problem?

In this cases you notice that vehicle only runs when fuel is down the throttle body.

There is a LOT more to your fuel system than just a fuel pump. Have you checked for fuel pressure at the injectors? Your regulated fuel pump pressure specifications are 35-45 Psi. (2.5-3.2 kg/cm2). "New fuel pump" does not mean the fuel pump is actually pumping correctly. Have you checked for power and injector pulse at the injectors? Even if the fuel pump is pumping correctly, the injectors must fire to get the fuel into the combustion chamber.

Your vehicle is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. All you have to do to display fault codes is press the "VSM" button on the dash with the ignition on. The system will display any fault codes in the Trip Meter/VSM display below the tachometer and speedometer.

Also if there is check engine light on dash,then get the error codes scanned this will point out what is causing the problem.

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