Saturday, October 13, 2012

Traction control switch will not engage on 4WD High or Low

Control traction switch does not engage in 4h or 4L

On these types of cases the problems mostly noticed are transmission or rear differential also has a slight whine

But its not a issue to worry about the whine noise if its minor.

The slight whine  is a common concern. This means the rear axle needs to be rebuilt with new gears and bearings. The cause is the pinion bearing pre-load has gone away and the pinion gear is now rubbing the ring gear at the incorrect angle. The problem cannot be solved without replacing the components.

The problem traction control switch when shifted from Auto 4wd to 4wd high and 4wd low.The shift will not show up on dash.
Also transmission will not up any difference.

This means you need to run a series of tests on the module and shift motor and switch.
A proper professional is required in these particular case to run all the tests and confirm the faulty part.

For whine noise issue.Replacing the complete axle is simple solution.But if the whine is normal/minor then only replacing seals and pinions and gears will cure the problem.

A new rear end axle assembly is about 2800$. I recommend just new components instead of complete axle assembly.The  Parts and labor about 1200$ if you only replace required components and not complete assembly.

These details will help.

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