Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to Remove Cluster Bezel on Dodge Ram?

The Dodge Ram Cluster Bezel removal.

The process starts here.

Here are directions to remove the cluster to access the bulbs on the back:


  1. Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
  2. If the vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, turn the ignition switch to the Unlock position, set the parking brake, and place the automatic transmission gear selector lever in the Low position.
  3. If the vehicle is so equipped, set the tilt steering column in its lowest position.
  4. Using a trim stick or another suitable wide flat-bladed tool, gently pry around the perimeter of the cluster bezel to disengage the snap clips from their receptacles in the instrument panel 

cluster bezel
    Remove the cluster bezel from the instrument panel.


    Position the cluster bezel to the instrument panel.
  1. Align the snap clips on the cluster bezel with the receptacles in the instrumentpanel.
  2. Press firmly on the cluster bezel over each of the snap clip locations until each of the snap clips is fully engaged in its receptacle.
  3. Reconnect the battery negative cable.

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